Hulme Walfield & Somerford Booths
Neighbourhood Plan Sub Committee Meeting 21.07.16

Attending: Karen Ogden (Chair), Lucy Hughes

Apologies: Pat Amies, Graham Silman

The following items were discussed during the meeting:

  • Residents responses to Vision & Objectives
  • Business Questionnaire
  • Next Steps

Residents responses to the circulated draft Vision & Objectives:

To date 28 responses have been received. The following feedback was received:


10 respondents advised that the vision mainly reflected their vison for the parishes.

10 respondents did not answer the question about the vision and made no comments in relation to it.

6 respondents advised that the vision completely reflected their vison for the parishes.

1 respondent advised that the vision partially reflected their vison for the parishes but objected to the areas south of the link road being excluded.

1 respondent feels that the vision was incomplete and did not reflect their vison for the parishes and strongly objected to the areas of Hulme Walfield south of the link road being excluded.


23 respondents agreed to all the proposed objectives

2 did not answer Objective no. 3

1 respondent did not agree with no. 3

1 did not answer any of the objectives questions

1 respondent did not agree with no. 4 & 5



A number of respondents requested that future communication must provide more time for completion as the deadline was too close to receipt of the questionnaire.

A number of respondents raised broadband service within the parishes as a problem.

Some road related issues were raised (drainage, speed limit and maintenance issues).

Two people said that the approach being taken was a solid approach and objectives were good common sense.

One respondent wishes rivers and ponds to be protected.

One respondent shared their support for the link road.

One respondent would like to ensure that the services required by the proposed development in strategic areas are provided within the identified areas and do not become a necessity in areas currently not designated for development.


Business Questionnaire:

Business Questionnaire is now complete and ready to be used. This information gathering exercise is being undertaken by someone on our behalf as we do not have the manpower to complete this activity ourselves.


Next Steps:

Await the housing needs assessment (being progressed by Cheshire East on our behalf) which is expected in July and will be presented to us by CE representative at the August meeting.

The business questionnaire will be completed via Shona over the next 2-3 weeks with the results shared at the meeting on 18th August if they’re available at that time.

Wildlife and business information remains to be sourced

Next Neighbourhood Plan meeting scheduled for August 18th 2016.

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