17/1000C Public Participation at The Strategic Planning Board or Planning Committee

Outline application with all matters reserved except for means of access for a development comprising up to 500 dwellings.

Please note the following meeting to be held on 25th October 2017. 
The Capesthorne Room - Town Hall, Macclesfield SK10 1EA

The Parish Council will be speaking and also a member of the public.

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Dear Sir/Madam

Date: 17-Oct-2017

Application No:17/1000C
Proposal:Outline application with all matters reserved except for means of access for a development comprising up to 500 dwellings (use class C3), site for new primary school (use class D1) and local shopping facility (use class A1) together with associated open space, green infrastructure, pedestrian and cycle links




I am writing to you as an interested person in respect of the above planning application. This application is due to be considered by the Strategic Planning Board on 25 Oct 2017. The Council has resolved to allow interested persons an opportunity to explain briefly their views in support of or against the application prior to the Committee’s consideration and determination of the application.


On the reverse side of this letter is a note explaining the procedure and time of the meeting. Please read them carefully and contact Democratic Services if you would like to attend.


If there is more than one speaker you may be required to share your speaking time. If this is the case, the Democratic Services Officer will need to contact you. Please, therefore, include a contact telephone number on your request to speak.


Yours faithfully

Adrian Crowther

Major Applications Team Leader
Development Management


Cheshire East Borough Council

Public Participation at Strategic Planning Board, Northern and Southern Planning Committees


Who can speak?

The following individuals/groups are eligible to speak

  • Objectors
  • Applicants
  • Supporters
  • The relevant Parish or Town Council
  • Members who are not on the Committee and are not the Ward Member
  • Ward Councillors who are not Members of the Planning Committee


How much time is allocated to each group?

The following groups have a period of 5 minutes

  • Ward Councillors who are not Members of the Planning Committee
  • The relevant Parish or Town Council


All other groups have a period limited to a total of 3 minutes. If there is more than one person wishing to speak, people are encouraged to consult each other and agree how to share their 3 minutes.

This may be the most effective way of presenting views.


How do you arrange to speak at the Planning Committee?

Please inform, in writing, Democratic Services, by 12.00 noon on the Tuesday (the day before the meeting). Email speakingatplanning@cheshireeast.gov.uk


When should you arrive for the meeting?

Speakers are *normally requested to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting eg: 10.00am for a 10.30am start so that they can register with the Democratic Services Officer.

*Please note: These times may vary as the agenda dictates. Please contact the Democratic Services Section to confirm times/agenda order.


What is the order of speaking at the meeting?

The order is as follows:

  • Announcement of the item by the Chairman
  • Introduction by the Planning Officer, who will update the Committee report and highlight the key issues
  • Ward Councillors not on the Strategic Planning Board or Northern and Southern Planning Committees (5 minutes in total).
  • Other Borough Councillors if not a Committee member (3 minutes in total).
  • Parish/Town Council representations (5 minutes)
  • Objectors’ representations (3 minutes)
  • Supporters’ representations (3 minutes)
  • Applicants representations (3 minutes)
  • Further comments by Planning Officer


What are the possible outcomes of the meeting?

The decision may be:

  • to approve the application
  • to refuse the application
  • to defer for information/negotiations
  • to defer for a site visit by the Committee.
  • to refer the application from the Committee to the Strategic Planning Board.


What may the statement to the Committee include?

Only refer to relevant planning issues, eg:

  • exterior design, size, appearance, layout, etc
  • residential amenity
  • highway safety
  • character of the area
  • trees and historic buildings
  • planning policy (Local Plan/Structure Plan)
  • Government guidance

The Committee cannot take into account non-planning issues eg:

  • boundary disputes/property rights
  • personal comments about any individual
  • loss of property value or loss of view
  • matters covered in other laws


Will the use of presentation aids be allowed?

In order to be fair to all parties, no presentation aids will be permitted. Similarly, the circulation of late information, photographs and/or plans at the meeting will not be allowed.


Will there be an opportunity for questions?

At the Chairman’s discretion, members of the Committee may ask a visiting speaker to clarify an issue after a statement is made. However, speakers will not be permitted to ask questions or interrupt the Members’ discussion on an individual planning application.


Where are meetings usually held?

Strategic Planning Board – contact as below

Northern Planning Committee – Macclesfield Town Hall

Southern Planning Committee – Municipal Buildings, Crewe



Agendas for the Committee are available on-line or from the Democratic Services Officer one week before the meetings



Strategic Planning Board
Email:           speakingatplanning@cheshireeast.gov.uk


Northern Planning Committee
Email:           speakingatplanning@cheshireeast.gov.uk


Southern Planning Committee
Email:           speakingatplanning@cheshireeast.gov.uk


Democratic Services, Cheshire East Borough Council, Westfields, Middlewich Road, Sandbach, Cheshire. CW11 1HZ


Also see the Council’s website: www.cheshireeast.gov.uk